“good Christian husband”

Content warning: describing disturbing behavior

He wiggles his dick like a worm

on a five-year old’s fishing pole

to see what types of fish women

he can hook and gag and cook.

He wants barely legal phone sex slaves

and virtual girlfriends (whose poetry he’s praised)

but all he can say is cock, cunt, and fuck.

He uses all the good Christian husband words up

on his wife, on his kid because weekends are for praying

and workdays he uses for cybersexviolence

and he might be a rapist or a serial killer, he

might not use his real name but we all cringe

and purge thinking about him

trying to wiggle his dick through the phone or

using our online photos for jizz target practice.

He is walking suppression, spouting off like

a volcano spewing shit like a busted sewage pipe

but only online, with a fake name

and the same three words:

cock, cunt, fuck.

There’s more but after the dishes.


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